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Internet Shopping – An Alternative to Shopping in the Mall

Posted by:24 July 2021

MYSTY'S ORGANIC COSMETICS because of this stressful lifestyle i developed hormonal imbalance, and unhealthy skin and scalp very truly said"face is the index of mind." and "our eyes are the windows of our soul" had soo much of dark spots in my face and i used all commercial soaps but i couldn't get rid of it, so learned the art of a soap making soulfully and it became my passion which gave me results, I saw good looking-this is how my MYTY'S ORGANIC THERAPEUTIC COSMETICS started. Even though my product gave me good result, my mood swings weren't good, it was same old... so I merged flower medicine and aromatherpy to my mysty's organic cosmetics . I started working awesome. I felt totally relaxed from this stressful lifestyle and got expected results too for my skin and hair &scalp problems i became happy, so wanted serve people with my products too..